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Wit & Delight

Stay On Track Weekly Desktop Planner

Stay On Track Weekly Desktop Planner

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This desktop planner system will help you stay on track. Each sheet breaks down the week by day, by project, and by goals. A classic modern design that will look great on any desk.


material linen, 10 GSM paper, brass spiral
size (wxh) 10" x 8", 180 perforated weekly planning sheets
maker Wit & Delight
origin St. Paul, Minnesota

Why we love it - Victor & Rose tested and approved! Running an architecture and design studio, along with a storefront and online shop, means our week-to-week schedule shifts quite a bit. It is so helpful to have a notebook that is designed to stay out on our desks, and look good doing it. We keep one in a central location for us to use together and make sure everyone knows what is important for that week and also what to look forward to. Even though the sheets are perforated for tearing off, we like to keep all the sheets on and just flip to a clean sheet each week. This way it remains a good reference point when we inevitably forget what happened when.

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