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Wit & Delight

Modern Rectangles Notebook

Modern Rectangles Notebook

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Blank, cream-colored pages to capture all your ideas, sketches, and notes. This is the perfect size notebook to toss in your purse or laptop bag.


gray, yellow, pink, red, cream color pages
material paper
size (wxh) 6.5" x 8.1", 40 blank pages
maker Wit & Delight
origin St. Paul, Minnesota

Why we love it - We always need to jot something down on the go and this is the perfect size notebook to carry along. The cover is soft and feels great, and the paper works well for both pen and pencil. We also like that these notebooks have a soft stitched binding, so that they don’t feel too precious - I can’t tell you how many notebooks I have that remain completely blank because I don't want to “mess them up”. This one begs to be used!

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