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Gunn & Swain

The Abyss Blanket

The Abyss Blanket

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A superior quality heavyweight blanket in the deepest dark blue navy color, inspired by the darkest depths of the ocean. This blanket will warm up any home and would work perfectly for the beach, a picnic or as a neutral interior accent. 

Care and Notes - Wash cold, tumble dry low or hang dry. These blankets just get softer with each wash!


color dark navy blue
material Acrylic/Polyester/Cotton Blend
size (lxw) 6" x 4"
maker Gunn and Swain
origin Mexico

Why we love it - These sturdy blankets are the perfect everyday go to! They look great draped over your favorite cozy chair or sofa and are an essential foot-of-the-bed “just in case” blanket. These classic textile blankets mix well with any home decor style and add an eclectic, well-traveled look to any space.  We like to keep one or two of these blankets in the car for impromptu beach outings, park picnics, or sleepy kids. Also, we think these blankets make for a fun, soft layered rug. Available in modern dusty earth-tone colors, bright stripes, and colorful thunderbird patterns - functional and stylish for any occasion!

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